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Bulk Scanning of 35mm Negatives

File Format JPG

Standard Scan is approx. 1818x1128 pixels, Great for Email, Social Media, and prints up to 5x7

High-Resolution Scan is approx. 3035x4535 pixels, Great for prints up to 20x30 and larger and you can always make smaller versions for email and so on.

TIF Format Upgrade Avalable


35mm Bulk Slide Digitizing - Standard Resolution


Bulk Print Scanning

Quantity Print Scanning Details

Min Size: No Minimum Size

Max Size: 8” x 10”

Sorted by size and direction

Loose Photos Only

Photos must be in good condition. Loose photos only or add 50% to above prices for photos in albums or frames. All staples, sticky, post-its, etc MUST be removed. add 50% to above prices for photos in albums or frames. - All curled or photos needing "special care" are at the Individual Print price schedule.


Medium Format

120 / 220 / 620

B&W - Color Neg - Slide

(Approx. 40~100 meg file size - jpg)

Other file formats available


Bulk scanning of Polaroid™ Prints

You have the opton of having us scan “Just the image area”  or with the bottom or full border – Some customers like this to preserve notes and titles commonly written on the border.

  • Photos must be in good condition.
  • Loose photos only or add 50% to above prices for photos in albums or frames. All staples, sticky, post-its, etc removed


Individual Print Scanning

Resolution - Customers Choice

Format .jpg


4x5 Cut / Sheet Film

FS1_1639 copy-2

Fluid Mount - Wet Scans

For the ultimate in edge to edge sharpness, as well as dust and scratch reduction this maticulas and time consuming method gives you the ultimate quality scan.

Movie Transfers

YES! - We do Hi-Res (4K) Captures and rendering of 8mm*, Super 8, 16mm ans 16mm Sound movies. You can click here or on the top of the page to go to to see lots of samples of our work.


Glass Negatives

Glass Negatives are very fragile - We can not be responsible for breakage - This is an "At your own risk" service.

Audio cassette-pexels-lilzidesigns-4296349

Audio Cassette to Digital


Other formats available

T-120 VHS, VHS-C, 8mm & Hi8 To Digital


MP4 and other available Formats

Additional Fee for "Special Care" tapes.

Editing available. $50.00 per hour.

Because of the complexity in the services below here. Albums have their own "Album" page.

Album Reconstruction
Page 128

Album Digitizing & Digital Restoration

Page 53

Album Digitizing and Physical Reconstruction